Norma Hale

Norma Hale

JourneyAh LLC

Norma Hale is the President of JourneyAh LLC, an Austin-based leadership development training company, and Leadership Management International (LMI) franchisee. She has more than eight years of experience applying the LMI Total Leader process and programs to help a wide range of clients recognize and develop their leadership potential. Norma’s prior 10-year career with IBM included administration, analyst, business development, and operation leader roles within their divisions of Global Business Services, Software Group, and Watson Group. Norma’s experience of dealing with customers, project teams and senior management was instrumental in leveraging her personal network inside IBM to bring diverse group of thought leaders and experts into discussions to better focus on innovation. As a board member of the Austin IBM Women’s Group, she worked together with talented groups of diverse IBM women with the ultimate goal of enhancing their skills and successes by helping members succeed in the IBM workplace.

Before her time at IBM, Norma played integral roles in getting two successful entrepreneurial software startup companies off the ground: Exterprise Inc. acquired by Commerce One in 2001, and Webify Solutions acquired by IBM in 2006. Leveraging her leadership skills and experience, Norma was instrumental in the development of a variety of best practice initiatives and partner engagements. During the course of Norma's early career, she developed a passion for helping others and was naturally drawn to leadership development. She held leadership positions in Paul J. Meyer's companies as National Director, LMI and COO & Vice President of Sales, Enrichment Resources Inc. Norma has successfully helped businesses increase sales and profitability through results-driven personal leadership and management development programs and processes.

Norma’s passion to lead, openness to new experiences, and conviction that everyone has something they can teach you triggered the opening of yet another chapter in her colorful career path last year. Today, as an Assistant Store Manager Trainee for a local Walgreens store, she continues to treasure the richness that a wide range of people with vastly different backgrounds, levels of education, and expertise bring to her life every day. She takes particular pleasure in mentoring young adults to unlock and nurture their leadership potential, and has a strong track record of advocating for non-profit organizations who support diversity, empowerment, and positive development.